The sea calls to all of us, in all of us the sea..


Inspired by the sea and sky, and the space between and beyond.


In doing photography for over 10 years, Shell Bankier, with an extensive, gorgeous collection of unique imagery, creates BlueSphere Photography to bring frozen moments of sea and sky, rhythm and substance onto our walls and into our hearts.

With a premier printing process to ensure the quality and longevity of BlueSphere art prints, and the choice of custom sizes or standard print sizes, these sublime images are available as canvas, satin paper or art paper prints, framed or unframed.


View in the Gallery and Art Prints page, and order one or a few of these beautiful water worlds.

Moments of stillness, moments of scope, these are exclusively available original images created by the synthesis of our natural world with a unique camera eye.

An extensive collection of BlueSphere Photography is also available in Shell's hardcover book, here for purchase on The Book page.


Printed on eco-friendly PEFC paper with soy inks, it is an unparalleled compilation of ocean moments and the beauty of a boundless sea.