A unique photographic book - a collection of wave forms and ocean moments that beautifully illustrate the essence of the sea.

This collection of original photographs captures the rarest seconds of the energy that moves oceans to create the perfect wave, when all elements in the frame are in perfect balance.

Speaking of moments in time, the photography in 'BlueSphere'  is a compilation of breathtaking images from the best wave spots around the world - Australia, including the iconic breaks that the Gold Coast offers, Hawaii, Tahiti and more, all shown at their best, when the wind is offshore and the waves are peaking - those magic moments frozen in time. This book is the sum total so far of photographer Shell Bankier's unique, original ocean images, spanning the best of her work from the last ten years.

Shell has dedicated countless hours to watching the many moods of the sea with her film and digital cameras and the result is this comprehensive art photographic book, celebrating the feel and the beauty of the ocean, and the importance of ocean conservation. Threaded with art elements and prose writing, this book is a journal of Shell's work, and is a treasure of an oceanic journey as seen through the camera eye.

The feel of the ocean has soaked this book with salt and it will inspire those who see it to witness the ocean in a new way.

Shell is one of the few women in the male dominated surf photography field and her work is of a different nature to the usual sports saturated commercialism of surf photography.

She began surfing at age 13, but when a car accident left her with severe spinal injuries at the age of 16, doctors told her there was no hope she would walk or surf again. Determined to get back in the water, Shell defied the odds and slowly but surely regained her life.

This monumental challenge created a path for Shell, one of pursuing her passion, continuing her love affair with the ocean, and sharing this joy with those who see her work, finding singular moments in the waves or on the shore.

This hard cover, 204 page art book is beautifully printed on environmentally responsible PEFC matt paper with soy inks, featuring the Sea in all her vibrant beauty and power, and is the ultimate gift for all those ocean lovers.


Limited Edition First Press

Hardcover 300 x 225mm, 204 pages

Printed on PEFC eco paper with soy inks

Limited edition first press book was $79.95 (+ postage)...

Now $60 (+ postage)


©2020 by Shell Bankier BlueSphere Photography. 

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